The George Williams Fund for a sustainable future.

In 2012 YMCA Europe established the “YMCA Europe George Williams Fund” (GWF). This Fund aims to “raise funds and provide financial support for the work of YMCA Europe”.

The constitution of the Fund states that any money collected for the Fund will remain in it and will not be used directly for the day-to-day operations of YMCA Europe. The work of YMCA Europe will be supported by using revenues generated by the Fund (for example, bank interest).

Income for the Fund can be generated for instance by subsidies; donations; gifts; results of fundraising campaigns and legacies (if you would like to support the work of YMCA Europe in the future, you may mention this Fund in your will).

YMCA Europe has started the Fund with an initial transfer of € 5.000. In addition, last month private donations in total of € 2.200 were received as a result of fundraising by volunteers on the occasion of birthdays and a wedding anniversary. Perhaps this will inspire you to also find ways to contribute to this Fund? It is a step on the way to a sustainable future for YMCA Europe and its pan-European work.

The first Board of Trustees of the Fund consists of Peter Posner (England; Chairman); Andreas Baer (Switzerland; Treasurer); Tom Cusens (Malta; recording Secretary); Per Anders Aglert (Sweden); Ed Eggink (The Netherlands; President YMCA Europe) and Mike Will (Scotland; Treasurer YMCA Europe).

If you would like to contribute to this Fund, you can use the “donate” button on the YMCA Europe website (please mention donation GWF”), or you may transfer money (preferably in Euro’s) directly to the Bank account of the George Williams Fund. The Bank details are:

Account holder:
European Alliance of YMCAs (EAY)-GWF
Na Porici 12
110 00 Prague-1
Czech Republic

Euro account; IBAN number: CZ24 0100 0001 0739 3157 0267 SWIFT/BIC code: KOMBCZPP

Any contribution will be highly appreciated!

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